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Garbage Vulnerable Point (GVP) Tool

One of the objectives of SBM-U is to achieve garbage free cities which involves the elimination of Garbage Vulnerable Points (GVPs). GVPs pose a significant roadblock for ULBs when it comes to keeping the city clean. The elimination of all such GVPs can be made possible only through continuous and effective monitoring, now made possible through digital interventions.

GVP App Solution

Launched on 10th June, 2019, the GVP App provides an integrated solution for monitoring all Garbage Vulnerable points across the city. The app allows daily monitoring of these points through geo-tagged pictures, and helps in analyzing the progress made in eliminating GVPs.

Benefits to Stakeholders

  • 1. Evidence Based monitoring through real-time geo-tagged pictures.
  • 2. Effective monitoring of GVPs
  • 3. Early Elimination by taking appropriate measures
  • 4. City Beautification

This GVP Module has the following features

  • 1. ULB can add existing GVPs in city through the GVP Mapping App (GTL App), ward wise
  • 2. Concerned Ward Engineer / Sanitation Inspector can share picture(s) of cleaning on GVPs Monitoring App (GTL App)
  • 3. The progress of transformation of GVPs can be monitored by ULB officials through the GVP Portal (GTL Portal)
  • 4. The GVPs so monitored, eliminated and transformed is auto populated in Swachh Survekshan City Profile.