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Star Rating For Garbage Free Cities

Star Rating of Garbage Free Cities

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MOHUA) has launched the Protocol for Star Rating of Garbage Free cities. The star rating conditions have been designed in a way as to enable cities to gradually evolve into a model (7-star) city, with progressive improvements in their overall cleanliness. The protocol, with increasing levels of stringency with increasing star rating, will also be aspirational in nature, feeding cities’ ambitions and dreams of becoming an ideal city for its residents, and a role model for other cities to follow.


Star Rating Protocol for Garbage Free Cities

Indicator1 Star2 Star3 Star7 Star
MandatoryAt least 40% At least 60%At least 85%At least 95%
EssentialAt least 30% At least 50%At least 80%At least 90%
DesirableNot ApplicableAt least 30% * At least 60% At least 80%

* 30% in case of Desirable condition under 3-Star will be considered out of 4 Desirable parameters (D2, D3, D4, D5)

GFC Parameters

Click below 3 parameters and get details for Star Rating of Garbage Free Citites

  • Door to Door Collection
  • Segregation at Source
  • Sweeping of Public, Commercial and Residencial Areas
  • Waste Processing - Wet Waste / Dry Waste
  • Waste Processing Capacity - Wet Waste / Dry Waste
  • Litter Bins
  • Storage Bins
  • Grievances Redressal
  • Bulk Waste Generators Compliance
  • Penalty/Spot Fines
  • Segregation at City Level
  • User Charges
  • Plastic Ban
  • C&D Waste Collection
  • Scientific Landfill - Availability and use
  • Scientific Landfill - Waste Disposed
  • Water Bodies and Storm Water Drains
  • Screening of Nallahs
  • Sustainbility
  • On-site Wet Waste Processing
  • C&D Waste - Storage, Segregation
  • Processing, Recycling
  • C&D Waste - Use of Material
  • Dumpsite Remediation