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Swachh Nagar App

Collection and Transportation is an integral part of solid waste management. However, many challenges such as lack of data, mixing of waste, insufficient monitoring of sanitary worker, unavailability of household to hand over the waste, etc. act as hindrances in the process.

In order to achieve the objective of clean cities which are free of all kinds of waste, it is important to strengthen the Urban Local Body (ULB) to have a means to encourage and effectively monitor door-to-door collection and service delivery for waste collection at household level. Keeping this view in mind, Swachh Bharat Mission (Urban) developed a Swachh Nagar Mobile App based solution for Cities and Citizens.

The Swachh Nagar App is made to facilitate the entire process of collection and transportation for all stakeholders, viz. citizen, waste collector and ULB.

90+ ULBs across 13 States have registered for Swachh Nagar, out of which there are 1.45 Lakhs houses mapped in total on SN Portal. collection has been started in more than 70k houses across 10 Cities in 10 States.