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Swachhata App

The Hon’ble Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs launched the Swachhata App (a grievance redressal tool), on 6th August 2016 for 4,041 statutory towns of India. The App has been envisioned as an effective tool towards enabling citizens to have their grievances addressed by the concerned Municipal Corporation where in, a citizen can click a picture of the problem area and have the complaint delegated to the associated ward engineer by the Nodal Office of the city. The ward engineer can then work on the issue and update the status as ‘resolved’ using the Engineer’s version of the App.

How it works?

  • The Swachhata app and Portal is to be used by citizen to help Municipal corporations spot the unclean areas in the city and take necessary steps.
  • When any citizen spots a cleanliness related issue in the city he/she takes a picture through the application, choses a category and lodges a complaint which immediately reflects on the backend, which is to be monitored by Municipal corporation’s designated officials.
  • Complaint is then assigned by the nodal officers to the relevant field official who gets a notification on SBM Engineer App installed on his/her phone. The assigned official then goes, resolves the complaint and takes a picture as a proof that the complaint is resolved, which is to be uploaded on the SBM Engineer app while marking the complaint as resolved.
  • The status of complaint being resolved and the picture as a proof is then sent back in the citizen app as a notification to the citizen that the complaint lodged has been rectified. The citizen can then give feedback on how the municipal corporation performed on the complaint lodged by giving happy, neutral or sad response and can also re-open the complaint if the citizen feels the complaint was not resolved at all.

This way, the overall process makes it transparent for the citizen and the officials to track the complaints. The municipal corporations are hence engaged with the citizens to get their active support and involvement in Swachh Bharat Mission.

Flowchart of Swachhata App

    #Steps to be followed by User

    #Steps to be followed by Engineer (ULB)

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Features of Swachhata App

The application provides an interface to citizens to report complaints / grievances with respect to cleanliness. Mentioned below are some of the salient features of the Swachhata MoHUA App

  • Citizens can report complaints / grievances by clicking and uploading a photograph of the issue to be reported.
  • Complaints / grievances can be reports under 9 different categories with defined Service Levels for resolution by the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs)
  • The complaint is routed to the concerned ULB. An interface is provided to the ULBs (Agency Portal & Engineer’s App) for resolving the complaints / grievances and providing the status back to the citizens.
  • A website and dashboard is developed for stakeholders at City (ULB), State and Center allows them to review the complaints and resolution status
  • The application is available in English and six other regional languages

Performance of Swachhata App

The Swachhata App is being used by almost all Urban Local Bodies, with more than 1.5 Crore+ Users across the country and more than 1.7 Crore complaints have been registered with more than 90% resolution till date.

Categories of Swachhata App

1Dead animal(s)48 Hours
2Dustbins not cleaned12 Hours
3Garbage dump12 Hours
4Garbage vehicle not arrived12 Hours
5Sweeping not done12 Hours
6No electricity in public toilet(s)12 Hours
7No water supply in public toilet(s)12 Hours
8Public toilet(s) blockage12 Hours
9Public toilet(s) cleaning12 Hours
10Open Manholes or Drains12 Hours
11Sewerage or Storm water Overflow12 Hours
12Stagnant Water on the Road12 Hours
13Improper Disposal of Faecal Waste/ Septage12 Hours
14Debris Removal/Construction Material12 Hours
15Burning of Garbage in Open Spaces12 Hours
16Urination in Public/Open Defecation (OD)1 Week