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Indore's Clean-Green Bid

Indore's Clean-Green Bid

Indore Introduces Country's First Green Bond & First Green Energy Powered Mechanized Road Sweeping Machine

Adjudged the cleanest city of India six times consecutively, Indore has made a place for itself not just nationally but also internationally as clearly observed by the enthusiasm in the recently concluded Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2023. Participants from different countries were keen to explore the possibilities of establishing ties and cooperation with local industry leaders for trade and business in the clean, green city of India.

Country's First 7 Star Garbage Free City

Indore is abound with tales of conscious citizens, households, rickshaw drivers, hawkers, business establishments, ticking of people who are seen littering. An incremental garbage reduction policy, compulsory waste segregation, and a change in citizen's mindset have all pushed the city to achieve what seemed impossible. Everyday garbage disposal system encouraged citizens to keep their household clean. Indore Municipal Corporation built their fleet of door-to-door garbage waste collection vehicles and beefed up their team of Safai Mitras to improve their capacity. After the team was in place, IMC deployed them for door-to-door collection of garbage. A control room was set up to track the movement of garbage collection vehicles from the neighbourhood to the processing centre. There is 100 per cent door-to-door collection in the city now. The most important link to the chain was waste segregation at source.

The MC encouraged households to segregate their waste. Citizens even carried bins in their cars to avoid littering public places. Many localities adopted making compost with wet garbage. With a multi-pronged, wellestablished system every household in Indore has taken upon itself, the collective responsibility of segregating the dry and wet waste. The highlight of IMC's waste disposal process is Asia's largest bio-CNG plant that was inaugurated by PM Modi in 2019. The Gobar-Dhan plant runs on the wet waste collected from the city and it can generate 17,000 to 18,000 kg of bio-CNG and 10 tons of organic manure.


Indoris have been making a conscious effort to carry out cleaning work after every community event. Zero-waste events mark every community celebration and these include international cricket matches too, the recent one being India vs South Africa T20 match hosted at Holkar International stadium. The newlyweds are being administered oath of cleanliness and dustbins are being distributed during wedding ceremonies. Night cleanliness drives are undertaken, where women Safai Mitras volunteer in large numbers. This also gives them the freedom to spend the day with their families. Children have become the flag-bearers of sanitation. Teachers and parents are now making it a point to spread awareness among children of Indore on dangers of littering. Children are brand ambassadors of cleanliness. Committees/social groups are formed in schools and colleges to ensure cleanliness in the neighbourhood.

Shopkeepers and business units have joined forces to keep Indore the cleanest city. As the city discouraged single-use-plastics, shopkeepers strictly started using either cloth bags or polythene bags of permissible thickness. All garbage bins have been removed from the nearby areas to discourage the stray animals from loitering around for food. Playing their part, the market associations in Indore have shifted to LPG or electric, reusable cutlery etc. to keep the mart, street shops other popular famous food streets like 56 Dukaan clean. Indore's cleanliness model, based on Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, met all the criteria of 100 per cent door-to-door waste collection, 100 per cent waste treatment to become the first city to gain 7-star rating. The city has also successfully eliminated the legacy waste making it a zerolandfill city.

Country's First "Water Plus" city

In 2019, the IMC told people to close any sewer connection opening into rivers or water bodies. The goal was to not let the water bodies get dirty. Under the Swachh Survekshan 2021, Indore was declared the first Water Plus city of India. According to the guidelines of Water Plus Protocol of Swachh Survekshan, 1,746 public and 5,624 domestic sewer outfalls in 25 small and big nullahs were tapped by the Indore Municipal Corporation which also freed the city's Kanh and Saraswati rivers from sewer lines. 147 special types of urinals were constructed in the city. Besides this the work of cleaning ponds, wells and all water bodies was conducted. Seven sewerage treatment plants were constructed in the city and about 110 million litres per day (MLD) treated water from them is being used. Sewage generated in the city too is treated at three special plants and reused at 200 public gardens, farms and for construction activities.

Green Business: India's First Green Bond

Banking on Indore's credibility as the cleanest city of India, the civic body issued municipal bonds to help fund its solar power project. At present, Indore Municipal Corporation spends around Rs. 25 crores every month on electricity for pumping and supply of drinking water. To reduce the cost a 60 MW solar project is being set up at Jalud Pumping Station at a cost of Rs. 305 crores. The cost of this project will be met through Public Issue of Green Bonds. The project would enable the civic body to reduce dependency on grid energy and reduce its carbon footprint.


Speaking on the first Green Bond of India, Pratibha Pal, Commissioner, Indore Municipal Corporation said, “This is not just a green initiative but a concrete step towards an innovative financing mechanism. IMC has been taking steps to check carbon emission and converting it to earn carbon credits.” IMC became the first urban body in the country to introduce green bonds as a public offering. The investors will be offered coupon rate of 8.25% per annum payable half yearly and effective yield of upto 8.42% per annum on their investment, while they will also be able to trade the bonds. IMC garnered Rs. 661.52 crore on the first day of a public issue of green bonds.

CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that it is a matter of pride for all Indoris and the State that this is the first green public bond in the country issued by any urban body. The green bond will help to prevent 1.26 lakh tons of carbon dioxide emissions which is almost like planting 16.2 lakh trees every year. Indore is also the first city in India to get Green Bonds listed with NSE.

Unique Step Towards Green Energy

The Indore Municipal Corporation recognizes the need for moving towards environmental sustainability through greener and cleaner technology. Aligned with this year's "Green Budget", IMC pledges to bring down its AQI from Satisfactory to Good. Furthering the idea of clean & green technology, IMC added CNG powered road sweeping machines to its existing fleet of 27 machines that remove dust and particulate matter from the roads on a stretch of 800 km daily. Indore roads will now be cleaned by using 'DULEVO', the clean fuel CNG sweeping machine and will help contribute to the cause of environmental protection.


'DULEVO' runs at a speed of 0.30 Km / H and is capable of cleaning the narrow lanes and metro corridors. Flagging off the first CNG sweeping machine, Shri Pushyamitra Bhargav, the Mayor of Indore said, “Indore is a city of innovation. Municipal Corporation Indore has included CNG sweeping machine through International Waste Management (IWM).” He further added that this is the first step towards green energy. Indore is working towards increasing carbon credit and reducing diesel expenditure. Furthering this idea, the country's first CNG sweeping machine and dual function conveyor and vacuum sweeping machines have been introduced in Indore.


As Jeevan Singh Rajput sets about his daily task of sweeping the roads of Indore, he proudly drives the country's first CNG sweeping machine.

"जब से मैंने इस मशीन को चलाना शुरू किया , मेरा काम बहुत आसान हो गया है । सीएनजी से चलने के कारण इससे प्रदूषण भी कम होता है । यह डीजल मशीन से बेहतर और तेज़ चलती है जसकी वजह से मेरा काम भी जल्दी खत्म हो जाता है ।"
Amal Sharma, who owns a shop on the same road, which is cleaned using the 'DULEVO', the clean fuel CNG sweeping machine, is thrilled to see this new machine.

"इंदौर नगर निगम की बदौलत न केवल ये सड़कें साफ हैं , बल्कि प्रदूषण भी नहीं है । यहाँ की सभी दुकानों के लिए यह बहुत मददगार साबित हुई। अब ग्राहक आराम से हमारी दुकानों के पास खड़े हो सकते हैं क्योंकि अब धूल और प्रदूषण बिल्कुल भी नहीं है । मैं नगर निगम से आग्रह करूगा की ऐसे ही सारी मशीनें सीएनजी वजजन में ले कर आएं ताकि प्रदूषण पर पूरी तरह से रोक लग सके।“
New Air Quality Monitoring Stations

Augmenting sustainable development, Indore recently inaugurated new air quality monitoring stations. The AQM stations have been launched in a joint effort with city authorities and the US Agency of International Development (USAID). The three reference-grade air quality monitoring stations were inaugurated under Clear Air Catalyst project to study composition and levels of various pollutants in city's ambient air. The monitoring equipment would measure levels of fine particulate matter, tiny particles that can cause health hazards.

To make sanitation and energy conservation an essential and sustainable way of life, Indore has set the benchmark. With the green initiatives, Indore takes a huge step towards becoming the first carbon neutral city in India.

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